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  • Lifestyle

    Time to Tame that Tangled Jewelry!

    Anyone have that one drawer, you know the drawer I am talking about. ¬†When you open it a huge gasp followed by aggressively shutting the drawer to then slowly open it…

  • Fashion

    The must have dress for your closet!

    Anyone else wanting to wear their pajamas in public this week? I must be feeling some type of seasonal fashion depression as of late with the weather going from hello two…

  • Fashion

    Slipping into a Who What Wear Slip Dress!

    Show of hands…who made it to NYFW last week? Now show of hands of who didn’t…cue my slow awkward hand raise. Well, for those that raised their hands raise the roof…

  • Fashion

    Taking the “Sweat” out of Sweater!

    When you hear the term “staple pieces for your wardrobe” does anyone else’s mind go to thinking about Milton’s red stapler on Office Space? Staple, stapler…just me? Ok, well now that…