Slipping into a Who What Wear Slip Dress!

Show of hands…who made it to NYFW last week? Now show of hands of who didn’t…cue my slow awkward hand raise. Well, for those that raised their hands raise the roof babes, that is amazing! From what I see on Instagram and my fellow blogger fashionistas it is not only the absolutely amazing designers and creatives, but also a great way to get inspiration on street style looks as well. The real take away I get from the runway looks is inspiration on how to recreate that look on my kind of budget. Which is let’s just say I am not running out to purchase Gucci pumps anytime soon, but that is ok!  This is where my favorite brand, Who What Wear, comes in.

So I tuned into their Facebook live runway show last week and I was absolutely blown away.  You were able to directly shop the looks instantly on the models that were strutting down the runway literally from your phone. I mean let’s get real here we are all busy boss babes out there and we are ready to shop those trends now!  More importantly let’s talk about body diversity on that runway.  I was in love with the variety of gorgeous women who were tall, short, curvy, thin, you name it!  It really gave you the feel of how you could actually pull off a realistic look appropriate for the office or for your next party! Cheers to you Who What Wear you took the gold in my eyes for NYFW!

This week’s post I just had to share my latest find from Target’s Who What Wear collection.  What is great about this slip dress is yes it does have that springy vibe, but paired with a leather jacket gives it that balance for those chillier temps.  When it hits that sunny 70 degrees take off that jacket and you have the perfect summer dress! Yes, I know that some of you are thinking “oh I can’t pull of a midi dress, I am too short.”  Well let me tell you sister think again! I think pairing this look with a pair of heels gives you that length you may be looking for.  So just try it out! Oh and did I mention this dress is only $35! Ok now put down your latte or take a break from binge watching cat videos and get to Target to get your hands on this dress and share with me how you would style it!

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