Welcome daaaaarlings to the Fashun Chronicles blog! You may have found me by way of my podcast, also called…you guessed it…Fashun Chronicles! I take your fashion emergency calls, direct messages, voicemails, morse codes, carrier pigeons, and any other random way you can communicate with me about fashion advice that you need. Don’t have your fashionable go-to friend in your group? Well, I can be that for you too! What’s that one Paul Simon song? You can call me Eddie…Eddie you can call me Al…anyways, let me be a fashionable Al for YOU!

I am originally from Northwest Indiana and I have found myself outside of Washington, DC for the past 7 years. This blog 5 year journey has taken me down so many unforgettable paths and memories from meeting amazing entrepreneurs in DC to going to NYFW, it has been a really exciting ride that I want to take you all on with me.

I want to get to know you too! So call into the Fashun Chronicles hotline, lets laugh, lets cry, lets talk about awkward fashion fails…I am here for it!



Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Studios

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