Taking the “Sweat” out of Sweater!

When you hear the term “staple pieces for your wardrobe” does anyone else’s mind go to thinking about Milton’s red stapler on Office Space? Staple, stapler…just me? Ok, well now that is out of the way let’s talk about this amazing staple sweater from Target that is perfect for everyone’s winter wardrobe! I am very selective about sweaters that I purchase since I have the sweat glands of a leaky faucet. A sweater that is too heavy can cause a major sweaty…or more like intense glistening situation.

Besides my sweater I have pictured below, I have also recommended some more fabulous options from Target that are fairly priced. The sweater on the left is the best of both worlds, sleeveless and a sweater! This look is perfect for whether you are going out during the day pairing a long sleeve underneath with jeans and boots or a night look with with bare arms, leather pants, and heels. A color blocked open sweater pictured in the middle is great for just pairing a basic tee underneath since the design is so bold and you will definitely fashionably not be feeling the cold! Pictured right, a cold shoulder style gives a bit of something extra especially if you are looking for a sweater for a night out that you can feel casual and a bit flirty at the same time. Pair this with a pair of dark skinnys and suede knee highs and you are good to go!

Women's Longsleeve Duster Cardigan - Simply by Love Scarlett Women's Cold Shoulder Pullover Sweater - Mossimo™

The sweater I am fashioning below is perfect for layering with a leather jacket and a pair of heels to give it a bit of edge or keep it casual with a pair of jeans and boots like I have pictured. So I was not able to find my sweater online, but I did find something similar. Scroll to the bottom for links!



Shop this look:

 product photo Lace-up Washed Ankle Jeggings

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