Farm to Fashion!

So over the holidays as I traveled from seeing friends in Illinois, family in Indiana, and the boyfriends side of the family in Virginia was filled with parties, food, laughs and so much more! Between all of these festivities I was able to fit in a bit of time with alpacas…yes you heard right! I received a wonderful gift from my boyfriend’s mom this year.  I am a sucker for gifts that support small business and this was perfect.  It was a scarf made from the wool of a alpaca and the best part is I was able to take a roadtrip meet the alpaca that they used the wool from!



The farm is called, Dreamland Alpacas LLC, and is owned by a couple and their daughter who have about 40 alpacas on their farm with a ton of acres for these adorable little creatures to roam around. So my alpacas name was Savannah and they let you go inside the pen and you can kick it with them!

Savannah and I had a fabulous time, mainly me just saying “awwww”, “your so cuttttte” “awwwww” I am sure if she could talk she would be like, “okay lady, I get it I am fabulous, I knowwww.” (insert alpaca hair flip). It amazed me how calm mannered these animals are and to communicate they hum to each other, so cool!

If you find yourself in southwest Virginia make sure you make a stop at Dreamland Alpacas, LLC!



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