The perfect pant from Ellos!

So during the wonderful awkard days that we call high school I went to a a Fall Out Boy concert. In preparation for that concert I felt the need to dress in hot pink & black, rocking a studded metal belt, trucker hat, and an attempt at dark eyed makeup…strong emphasis on attempt.  Looking back on photos not only do I remember how I was trying to push myself outside of the comfort zone of Aeropostale & American Eagle tees and tanks into this punk rock chick.  The memories rush back to me on how uncomfortable I felt then trying to pull off a style that I did not feel like myself in.  Oh praise the lord those days have past!

Although those days of finding my own personal style are through there are some days when I want to get out of my comfort zone, but still be true to myself.  So if you find yourself in days of wanting to mix things up my recommendation is to simply add a bit of leather!


I have truly found my dream pants from Ellos, a Swedish online plus brand.  Not only do I love the fit, but also the leather knee detail that gives you just that bit of edge.  Also, nothing worse than when you purchase skinny jeans and they are not tight around the ankle so the lace up sides naturally give that perfect shape. Just a style tip when you do purchase lets say full leather pants you can balance it with a light chic poly blend top and blazer like I have pictured.  Also, black ankle boots pair perfect with these pants as well for those more casual nights. Rock on babes!




Shop this look:

Lace-up Washed Ankle Jeggings download  Image of Lush Drapey Jacket

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    February 7, 2017 at 4:42 am

    Really cute outfit. I like a lot of Ellos clothes. I have some, and I always have some of their clothes on my wish list. 🙂

    • Reply
      February 7, 2017 at 7:54 pm

      Yes! Me too, I discovered Ellos recently, love it!

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