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    Match made in heaven!

    Hey friends! How are you? How’s life? What did you eat for breakfast? Are you still in your pajamas? Well, join the club because I absolutely am. Now that we have…

  • Fashion

    The new neutral with Navabi

    Hooray! The day is finally here! I have been really looking forward to sharing this look with you all after being snowed in for two days.  Also, I needed a bit…

  • Fashion

    Denim for Days!

    Ok, let the jean reference in songs begin…”Billie JEAN is not my lover…”Blue JEAN baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band…”Im a JEANie in a bottle (ok I don’t think that…

  • Fashion

    Self Conscious Chronicles- Tulle Skirts

    So on this episode of Self Conscious Chronicles we are chatting all about tulle skirts. When tulle skirts were coming back around the bend and into trend I was not necessarily…