The new neutral with Navabi

Hooray! The day is finally here! I have been really looking forward to sharing this look with you all after being snowed in for two days.  Also, I needed a bit of positivity in my life after I almost wiped out on the ice trying to get some fresh air. No muscles were pulled, just my pride, ok and maybe my lower back. Anywho, if you all remember a couple of weeks ago in my post (check it out here if you missed it) I chatted with you guys about this new brand, Navabi, that I started working with. I gave you all the scoop on how I am obsessing over this German based brand who also has a US website. When I say there is variety in the styles they offer I reallllllllly mean it.

So the the piece I snagged from their website was this leopard skirt. Of course I was almost putting more floral prints in my cart because that has literally been my weakness these past couple of years. In the spirit of trying something new my eyes led me to this beauty.

Lately though I have been hearing from all the style gurus out there that animal print is the new neutral. When I heard this piece of advice I was highly debating it. To be honest when I thought of leopard print my mind immediately took me to episodes of The Nanny. Talk about aspiring to style goaaaaaaals. I feel like I watched that show as a kid usually never really understanding what the heck was happening in the story line since I was more focused on Fran’s epic outfits. Especially the leopard print looks, which felt no where near subtle in the best way!

Well, when I received this piece and started to style it I will have to say that I can now completely agree that animal prints are the new neutral. You can wear these prints on a variety of styles like dresses, sweaters, blouses, shoes, clutches and can be paired with bold fun colors or with basics like black, white, grey and more.

What helped in inching me towards incorporating more animal prints into my wardrobe is tuning into how my favorite bloggers that I know personally work this into their closet. If you need a bit of convincing too, head over to my Instagram stories to see these fashionistas!

To make the search easier for you guys I also did a round up from the Navabi site on other animal print options that are irresistible! How do you wear or style animal print?! Do you guys think it is the new neutral?! Oh and don’t forget, for my followers if you use ‘catherine15’ at checkout you can get 15% off your purchase until February 28th!



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