Denim for Days!

Ok, let the jean reference in songs begin…”Billie JEAN is not my lover…”Blue JEAN baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band…”Im a JEANie in a bottle (ok I don’t think that one counts)…”and que the moment when I get out of my trance of googling songs with the word jean in it and lets get to this post talking about…KHAKIS! Just kidding…it is about…CORDUROY! Ok, now it is just getting sad…obviously we are chatting all about jeans. Well, not necessarily the ones we only sport on our legs, but also the other ways we can sport jean aka denim.

Now in terms of how I styled this look it is a triple threat of what could be an upcoming Self-Conscious Chronicle. First of all, I have not always been a fan of wearing jean on jean. Again, with the whole twisted perception of myself in the past I felt like with all this similar material made me appear…oh that dreaded word…bigger. Not to mention that yes ladies and gents that is a body suit that I have paired with these jeans once again! Oh and grand finale if you didn’t scroll to see on the back of this gem of a jean jacket in bold letters it says BABE! If you see my feed you do not usually see me sporting graphic tees or really anything that has any potential for grammar situations. When I saw this jacket at Rent the Runway I was immediately drawn to the furry yellow collar and upon checkout was when I noticed the back.

Well, at one point I had thought this isn’t my style and there is no way I can pull this off! For the sake of my mission on my blog to take myself and hopefully help take you outside your fashion comfort zone I went ahead and posted this. Honestly, looking at photos now I am actually really into it! The babe on the back, yes it is bold, but I think it is the perfect amount of boldness. I guess with posting this it felt like I was following through on a promise to you all when I say yes you can wear that fitted dress, those leather pants, or those statement earrings, or in my case all jean everything. I need to meet you guys halfway too!

So my friend Kelly-Lynne of the Low Low Style Blog also jumped on this jacket too, stay tuned for her post most likely summarizing how we were twinning so intensely in public with these jackets so we could bring you guys some fun content. Now that is dedication!

Decided to also do a roundup of not only just jeans jean pieces…does that make sense? I feel like I said jean a lot. Ok more importantly, what song lyrics am I missing that mention jean in them? Oh and for some reason the linking function to these looks isnt working, but they are all from Rent the Runway, comment if you want the exact links and I can send them to you!



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