Self Conscious Chronicles- Tulle Skirts

So on this episode of Self Conscious Chronicles we are chatting all about tulle skirts. When tulle skirts were coming back around the bend and into trend I was not necessarily a part of this fan club for me personally. Don’t get me wrong…I was like, like, likinggggggg tulle skirts on my favorite fashionistas all over Instagram. I just felt like I looked like a really rough version of Shirley Temple…that is not a very cute image. Or a Pinterest Cupcake fail…yes that is a rough visual as well.

I came back round to hop on this trend because of a piece of advice I gave to my boyfriend recently when I had an ah-ha moment. We were chatting one night about how he would never eat a certain food again because it made him sick one time. My advice back to him was you shouldn’t totally avoid that certain food again because it was probably made wrong or you didn’t get it from a place where they make it well. So, that is when the light bulb went off for me to take my own advice and revisit pieces that I have put in the back of my closet because they didn’t work the first time. So that is where we are now…the tulle skirt.

I guess my approach of getting back into this trend isn’t just for a tulle skirt. It could go for any piece of clothing you may have these same feelings about. So when I busted this little baby out of the closet I thought of these three things:

  1. Are you wearing the right shoes to make the look?- When I first wore this skirt I had ankle boots on, which did nothing to accentuate my legs. So a simple ankle strap heel made such a difference.
  2. What kind of top or jacket are you pairing it with?- I started off wearing a top that was not as fitted, which gave me no shape. That is where those feeling like a cupcake vibes started to come out. So I went for a bit of a more fitted top that I could easily tuck into the skirt.
  3. Get out of your own head!- Now this is more of an action item, but pushing aside how I thought I looked in this skirt and just appreciate the piece for its bold color and how I can spin and feel so glamorous in it is what it is all about!

Now what piece of clothing are you going to rediscover and restyle in your closet?!



Outfit Details:

Skirt- Eloquii | Similar Top – Forever 21 Plus | Shoes- DSW | Sunglasses- Target

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