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A Coat of Many Memories

Ok so I admit it…yes I have been binge watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Netflix. I mean when you are in the haze that is Christmas to New Years instead of trying to muddle your way through a routine wondering what day it is why not cozy up to watch a new series. I mean honestly I guess you can also call the series a bit of inspiration too. The era of the 50’s with the high waisted trousers, gorgeous hats, and the cutest coats I got a bit inspired. No spoiler alerts here so I won’t tell you the part of the show that inspired me, but the main character was strutting down the street in a beautiful blue jacket and it just got me to thinking. What are the classic pieces when I am long gone that I would want to be in that special box to hand down to whether it be future kids, family, friends, etc.

Jacket- Guess
Sweater & Earrings- Rent the Runway
Jeans- NY & Co.
Purse- Current Boutique
Shoes- DSW
Sunglasses- Forever 21

Just daydreaming away and this green pea coat came to mind. It is so funny because I feel like I graduated college the other day, but alas it was over 10 years ago. I vividly remember the day when I got this jacket. I believe I was entering into my freshman year of college and my mom was set about us going out and getting my first “grown up coat” as I would like to call it. Honestly, at the time it was not all roses and daisies because the plus selection back then was truly awful in the department stores. Then alas, this green beauty caught my eye. Bless my mom who was dealing with a teenager who definitely had a very different eye for style. I mean very opposite, but in the best way. It kind of felt like the first time we agreed on a piece of clothing that we both liked…it was almost like a right of passage in our relationship. Ok…this is getting pretty deep, but you know what I mean.

I know…I know…I always preach to you guys on minimizing your closet and how to keep things simple, this includes not leaving mountains of things for the next generation to have to sort through. I will say though there was a special feeling of playing dress up with my Grandma’s Avon jewelry when I was 8 years old.

So I think this classic jacket will be added to my own little archive of Catherine. The way to create balance is by incorporating those classics in your daily life, don’t let them collect dust in a box. So my decades old coat and I are hitting the town! What would yours be?!



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