Match made in heaven!

Hey friends! How are you? How’s life? What did you eat for breakfast? Are you still in your pajamas? Well, join the club because I absolutely am. Now that we have cleared up that we are on each others level, let’s jump into today’s post. Now you will be surprised to read that we are chatting a bit about makeup. Of course I have mixed in a fashion element to it because honestly I am the LAST person that should be giving makeup advice…seriously.

I may have shared this story before, but the reason I should probably not give makeup advice is all from a hilarious moment I had with some friends. It was a couple of summers ago and I was in route to a wedding with my girlfriends from back home. I decided to go for a bold red lip for the first time in my life. Well, I was reapplying it before going into the ceremony and without thinking I rubbed my lips together like it was chapstick. Casually I turn around to chat with my gals and they all start hysterically laughing. So naturally I start laughing too like I knew what the heck was going on. Finally they told me that I had red lipstick completely all over my upper lip right under my nose. Oh it was pretty good guys…just enjoy that little image in your head. Well, after that lil situation I didn’t give up on a bold lip like I thought that I would!

This past Christmas my boyfriend and I decided to surprise one another with gifts. One part of my gift was Lipsense! I was really pumped because I love seeing how consultants are using this product. So this post is not a review about the product, but I will say I am really happy with it! Literally it does not smudge…literally.

After I looked through the photos on this post I really loved how matchy matchy my lip and clutch were. I was planning to talk about this wrap dress, which is equally amazing, but decided to switch gears. Now, I know in the past the golden fashion rule is that your lip should not be to matchy matchy to your dress, accessories, etc. Welp, throw that rule out the window! So I decided to check out the Lipsense page and do a little round up of the colors I am loving and also handbags from Rent the Runway to match on my Instagram stories (@dreamyrealist_)! Do you like to match your lip to your accessories? What do you beauty gurus think?



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