Fall Wedding Picks from Ellos!

Sales gal: “Hello, how are you today? What can I help you find?” You: “Hello! I am great, but I am in a major hurry! I have exactly 20 minutes to find dresses for 10 weddings I am attending in the next 3 months!” Anyone else have this kind of conversation exchange lately at the mall while feeling partially sweaty as you try and find that one store you can’t remember the name of or fighting your way trying to find the closest up escalator. Sound stressful? Yes, I agree.
Photo Credit: Windy City Wardrobe
In this moment were you also thinking, oh I will just wear that little black dress that I wear to all weddings, who cares! Well, I am totally on board with the idea of using what you have in your existing closet and adding accessories to create a different feel for the look, but once you wear that same dress to the 3rd wedding in a row, it may be time to mix it up!  So I did a round up for you guys on my top picks for a fall/winter wedding that you can shop from Ellos to save you the panic attack of trying to find your car in the mall parking lot on a Saturday afternoon.
My look is the Garden Floral Lace dress from Ellos and it is $30! What I love about this dress is that it can transition perfectly from a spring wedding to fall just with an addition of a closed toe pump or ankle bootie. With the almost sleeveless style that is perfect for warmer temps. The lining underneath will also keep you from not freezing your hiney off going from the ceremony to the reception it is perfect! I also kept it very simple with jewelry since it is such a bold texture.
So I gave you guys options for two types of weddings from casual to more black tie:



Printed Bell Sleeve A-Line Dress Sophia Wrap Dress Sleeveless Fit and Flare Knit Dress

Black Tie

A-Line Scalloped Lace Dress Sleeveless Striped Party Dress Marilyn Chiffon Dress

Are you in the wedding? No worries! Any of these looks can transition to a rehearsal dinner as well or any other events like brunch the day after. Which one is your favorite?



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