Zulily Guest Blogger Review

So excited to intro you all to my guest blogger, my sister, aka “Super Mama.” Just a little background about my sister, she is the go to lady for gift ideas, recipes for a holiday party, crafts, and the list goes on.  Also, she is the bargain shopping guru! The reason why I selected her to do a review as a guest blogger of Zulily all started yesterday morning when she texted me, “sorry this is late, but this photo of my shoes is for your post 3 weeks ago about comfy shoes to wear on your walking work commute!”  Come on sista that ship has sailed…but tell me more about Zulily and ta daaaaa a blog post was born! If you have not heard of the fabulous website Zulily, their About Us section on their website is a perfect explanation, “Zulily is a retailer obsessed with bringing moms special finds every day-all at incredible prices.”  Now time to turn this over to Super Mama to answer a couple questions about her views of this website (que finger snaps)

Dreamy Realist-“Why do you love to shop zulily?”
Super Mama-“I really don’t have time to shop and I can find clothes and shoes for me and my daughter at a great price. I really like that they have plus size and large sized shoes.”
Dreamy Realist-“How is their selection in terms of sizes?”
Super Mama-“Lots of options in plus size and shoes. Before I had my daughter I wore size 11 then my feet grew to a size 12.”
Dreamy Realist-“What makes Zulily so unique?”
Super Mama-“There is something different everyday for the house, women’s clothing, shoes, and kids stuff! One stop shop!”
Here are a couple of photos of her adorable Tom’s multi color flats that she got for $50 from Zulily!
2015-06-05 21.01.53
2015-06-05 21.02.43
2015-06-05 21.03.24
Click here to check out what Zulily is all about!  Share your experience with Zulily in the comment section below!

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