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Top 3 Body Positive Influences I wish I had as a Teenager

Last weekend my wild night consisted of attempting to do one of those sheet mask facials, ok are those really hard to keep on or is it just me? Yes, I agree its me. Also, made myself a nice dinner and settled in on the couch to get through a book that has taken me forever to crack into. Flash to 10 min later and I am browsing through Netflix. Not sure how I got to that point, but just roll with it.

So after attempting to search for Christmas Vacation and coming up with no luck I went to the What’s Popular section. Then I came across Dumplin. You guysssss…as you know already I am a Dolly Parton fan and I have seen her all over promoting her new album for this film. I thought it was going to only be in theatres. What do you knowwwwww, it was showing on Netflix! Then flash forward midway through the movie and I am literally balling my eyes out one minute, laughing the next, and then having these overwhelming flashbacks of how much I could relate to the star, Danielle Macdonald. The emotions she felt in her life experiences in one way or another I could really relate to and honestly no matter what size you are you can probably relate to as well. After the movie was over and I cleaned off my mascara that was running down my face, no joke I legit scared myself in the mirror, I started to just think about the film as I was getting ready for bed.

The one thing that stuck out in my head was that I really wished there was a movie that was like this when I was a teenager or younger. Instead numerous films and tv shows portrayed the girl who was curvier as the crazy funny one or the one that gets bullied in the plot line. Never the one that gets the guy, follows her dreams, and is the main star seen in such a positive light. Now I am sure there may be some films I’m missing where this is not always the case, but honestly not many come to mind in my opinion! Well, for those that have not seen the movie I do not want to make this post a spoiler alert so I guess I will make it about the 3 things I wish I had as influences in my life as a teenager. Ok, here we go…

Body-Positive social media influencers, models, movie stars, etc.

For real, when Ashley Graham strutted down the runway in lingerie during NYFW with Addition Elle it literally gave me chills. Here is a woman that is giving you high fashion vibes and is making it about what she is wearing not what her size is. She is a woman and she is fierce!

Body Positive Events like the CurvyCon

It is so amazing to see the events that are from national to local that are all about supporting others local influencers or bloggers, but also bringing people together that share a common bond of changing the narrative to all bodies are beautiful! Honestly, you don’t have to be plus to be a part of this conversation. We all have struggles in our minds that we deal with, but having a support system is soooo important.

Brands that offer above a size 12

It makes me tear up just thinking about this. I remember the days in high school of strolling around the mall with my friends and stopping into Hollister and Abercrombie playing dress up in the fitting rooms. That feeling of literally nothing fitting and feeling ashamed of yourself crying in the fitting room trying to hide it from your friends is a feeling that truly makes my stomach turn even as an adult.

Honestly, I feel like if there was an offering of a range of sizes this would have made me see myself in a different light, a more positive light. Of course, there are a lot of parts to the puzzle of self-esteem, but I feel this is totally a piece of it! I felt as though I had this creative vision, but I wasn’t able to express it due to limited size options. Remember this was pre-online shopping so what was at the mall is what you got.  The fashion industry still has a longggggggg way to go in terms of inclusive sizing and diversity, but brands like Eloquii, Modcloth, Gwynnie Bee, Ellos, ASOS, Addition Elle and more are leading the way to change the narrative to provide stylish and unique pieces at an affordable price.

I feel like there are so many more, but this is a good start, maybe a part 2 will be in the near future. Now what are your top 3 things?

Also, note myself in a blonde wig and sequin dress because I was Dolly Parton for Halloween this year so it felt appropriate to add a photo of this moment of being one of my favorite music and style icons! Ok…now go watch Dumplin!



Makeup by my amazing and beautiful friend Kira!

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