Self Conscious Chronicles- Sweaters

Welcome back my friends to another edition of Self Conscious Chronicles with your host…me. Sorry guys built that up and really brought us back to reality. Just me, sitting here drinking a cup of coffee, writing this post while googling if cats and dogs can really see in the dark.  Super exciting things happening over here. Anywhooooo…this week’s topic I want to chat about my relationships with sweaters.

To be honest with you it was one that was quite non-existent for a lonnnnnnnng time. Well, the reason for this was most sweaters I would throw on that are the adorable cable knit, fleece, or some other cozy look that I spotted on Pinterest of a gal wearing while she is holding her latte sitting near a Christmas tree. Ok that was super specific, but you know I love a good photo set up!

Well, when I would try to recreate this look minus the tree and latte I felt like what would trip me up is that if the brand that gal was promoting did not go past a size large just trying on any of these sweaters made me feel defeated. Either they were too tight in the wrong areas or the material was so thick that I was literally sweating walking from my house to my car and don’t even mention being indoors at a party. Excuse me while I pat my face down with paper towel casually and throw on that back up shirt I brought in my purse. Yes, I occasionally bring a backup outfit in my bag…I know…lil much I agree.

Don’t even get me started on if a brand does go past a size large and there is absolutely no shape or unique design elements in mind.  Wearing a giant piece of material that has no shape can make you feel like a giant potatoe.  Note to self…check out to spell potatoe properly, is there an e at the end…I don’t think there is. 

Instead of feeling bad for myself and getting so self conscious about a piece of clothing that I really wanted to feel good about myself in I decided to do some research. Well, when you put time into it there are so many brands out there that are designing sweaters just right. In my research Ellos was at the top of the list.

They sent me this amazing pink little gem, which is the perfect mix of being light weight, you can wear as over sized on purpose and it still looks flattering, and the material is oh so comfy and cozy. Follow this link to shop it!

Just when you think you have given up on a certain type of look a brand that has your style and size in mind comes to the rescue! So I did a round up of other sweaters that I spotted that can help those of you who can relate to my feelings on sweaters take baby steps back into this magical world of warmth!



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