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Thankful for Happiness!

After a day filled with family, laughs, and lots of food it was nice to take today to just slow down a bit. Got me thinking about how often we take care of our physical bodies so much and sometimes forget that the mind goes right up there with it. Honestly, I neglect my mental health quite often.  Feel free to call me the queen of overthinking…I tried to have that rhyme, but I am pretty sure it didn’t…so anywhoooo. Last year I did a post about this topic, but hey why not make it a tradition!

Every September (YES…I know it is November…but at least I’m still posting this!) Tashira, Creator of the blog Politics and Fashion (sidenote, if you are not following her you need to change that ASAP!) She created an amazing 21 Day Happiness Project where you dedicate yourself to doing one thing that gives you joy each day. The main goal of it is to keep it minimal on the money you have to spend and really focus on the simple things that gives you joy. Guys no joke every year I do this project it is always alot harder to stick to!

I always have to play the elimination game of actions that cost money that give me joy and get down to basics. So I wanted to give you guys a bit of a recap on the actions that I try and incorporate into my weeks that give me that warm and fuzzy feeling of happiness. The point of this post is not to be like “oh hayyy guysssss look how happy and wonderful I ammmmmmmm!” Because let’s be real life has its up and downs for sure! This project really helps me get back on track all thanks to Tashira! I hope that you all can take 10 minutes or more to give to yourself! (insert big virtual hug)

  1. Morning coffee with my boyfriend
  2. Hugging my Mom
  3. Going to lunch with a friend
  4. Calling a friend just to chat
  5. Signing up for a library card
  6. Going to the Farmers Market
  7. Running- Ok, lets be honest more like a slow jog
  8. Trying a new recipe- never baking though…I am an awful baker
  9. Planning outfits for future blog posts
  10. Doing an at home facial
  11. Going to the beach
  12. Reading to my nieces
  13. Complimenting a stranger
  14. Trying a new restaurant/food
  15. Singing in my car
  16. Buying myself flowers
  17. Going for a hike
  18. Face timing my sister
  19. Sharing my love for fashion with others via my blog
  20. Listening to music
  21. Strolling around little downtown’s such as Annapolis or Old Town with a hot cup of coffee just to window shop

Also, may as well wrap in a Thanksgiving vibe with this post…I am thankful for the feeling of happiness and that I am blessed to be able wake up and experience these feelings that I take for granted at times.

Ok, also what does the pictures of this floral maxi have to do with this post? Well, I met with my friend Kelly-Lynne, fellow blogger of the Low Low Style, to do photos together and we laughed and truly had such an amazing time. So there you go this is a snapshot of me in the midst of a feeling of joy in my creativity. Oh and while we are at it may as well do a round up of fall maxis that need to be in your closet this season! Have a great weekend everyone!



Red Blossom Maxi by Nicholas   

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    Kelly-Lynne Rusell
    December 7, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    Buying myself flowers is probably one of my most favorite activities of all time!

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