Self-Conscious Chronicles Part 2: Stripes

Welcome to part 2 of the self-conscious chronicles. Today’s subject we will be chatting about stripes. I remember reading an article in probably what was one of the variety of teen magazines like Teen Cosmo or something when I was about 16 talking about what you can’t wear depending on your body type. Which is where the fruit comparisons come in of your body type…now that is a whole other topic that I could go on a rant about, but I will save that for another post.

This article was specifically about if you are fruit blah, blah, or blah you shouldn’t wear stripes because it can make you appear bigger. Flash forward and it cracks me up that when I was in my late 20’s this mindset still followed me with my choices of outfits. Luckily the streak of this silly mindset was broken when the very Parisian inspired horizontal striped tops came into trend a couple of years ago. With just a simple purchase of a black and white striped dress paired with a cargo jacket and man let me tell you how refreshing it was to stand in that mirror and be like “Yeah, I’m feeling this” also what a shame to avoid a trend that can come in so many cute looks like dresses, jackets, skirts, and more!

So if you share this same mindset currently just realize that it is all in your head! With the right pairings of a jacket or accessories can compliment any version of a striped look. For incorporating stripes into your wardrobe I recommend a look like I am sporting below. I am a fan of the larger block of stripes with a variety of colors. The look can just speak for itself without the need to over-accessorize. Have fun with it though! Stripes come in many ways and dwelling in the unique cuts and styles of looks like with a chic wrap dress or a funky pair of high waisted pants is a great way to start. Check out some of my looks below with the variety of styles of stripes I spotted on Rent the Runway which is where this Hutch romper is from!




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