The Magic of a Little Red Dress

I agree there is nothing better than a classic little black dress. Of course it can be worn year round and is an easy go to. Now I would like to introduce you to a color that can be worn year round, can be perfect for any holiday occasion, and looks fabulous on everyone. No it is not millennial pink…wait, but that is super pretty too. Ok, back on track…I am chatting about red!

Before I grew into my confidence of playing with style and color I despised wearing the color red. I felt like it made me look bigger because of the bright colors that drew attention to areas that I was super insecure about. I literally remember when I was probably around 18 saying “oh no, I look awwwwwful in red!” But why though? I wish I would have considered that question. It is so funny these thoughts that form in your mind of your own perception but in reality it’s a super contemplative color!

Right, I know you are probably thinking “Ok Cath cool post, just chatting about a color…borrrrrrrring.” Sometimes there are times though that I like to show my appreciation for something just as simple as a color on a dress.  Red has so many positive qualities to how it can be worn and the statement that it makes. Most importantly in my opinion it looks amazing on everyone’s skin tone and hair color. Yes, even you gals that have that beautiful red hair…you can sport that red blazer girl!

Even think of holidays and occasions red can be worn for a majority of them like the 4th of July or Christmas of course and you know what why not rock it on any holiday you choose to celebrate! It is also a color that can transition flawlessly from season to season. Whether if you are in that red boho maxi dress in the summer at a barbecue to the cocktail dress that you are sporting on NYE while grooving to Dancing Queen. Note this song is totally in my head because I have recently become addicted to the show Dancing Queen on Netflix. If you watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race…this show is a mustttttt. Of course this blog post wouldn’t be complete without me mentioning a Netflix show that I am currently binging on as I am literally writing this post.

I did a bit of a round up of some of my favorite red pieces that I have spotted on Rent the Runway, which this Eva Franco dream of a dress is from! What colors have you grown into loving…even though you may not have always?




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