Self-Conscious Chronicles: The Mock Neck

I try to invest in items that I can pretty much wear year round. Obviously this does not apply to all pieces of clothing. If you see me at the beach in a bathing suit and turtleneck in 90 degree weather, please feel free to slap some sense into me. Since the weather has been unseasonably warm (which actually really concerns me) I have waited to switch over my closet to bust out the sweaters and boots. It is no joke though you guys with some of the memes that are like, “Nice and cozy in a sweater in the morning, sweating bullets in the afternoon…welcome to fall in DC!” I think I just made that one up, but you all know what I mean.

Finally I took this dress out of my fall clothing bin in storage when changing over my closet last weekend and a new idea hit me! I am going to start a series of chatting about styles or cuts on clothing that I have had a hard time with at one point in my life past or present. Why not share this journey with you all on how I am working them back into my daily wardrobe with confidence! My hope is that some of you can relate.

On this first post let’s chat about mock necks. Of course in a majority of my posts I am sharing the good vibes of how to have the confidence to wear anything no matter your age, size, style, etc. Don’t get me wrong a mock neck is the perfect in between of a regular high neckline and a turtleneck. Kind of like frozen yogurt…ice cream without the guilt.

As we have all dealt with our own body image issues one of mine has been my neck. With it being short and quite round not a lot of necklaces fit that well and wearing turtlenecks makes me feel like a literal turtle. Not like one of those cute lil baby ones either. Ok now I’m googling how much a baby turtle would cost…ok someone stop me! #futureTurtleMom

On a real note, even though I struggle a bit with this cut I have decided to put my feeling aside on how I think I look and to focus on how stunning the design, print, and feel of a dress can be like this one that I know that you all have seen before in a post about two years ago. This was from the first collection of Who What Wear x Target.

Before these photos I actually wore this dress to an event. Feeling so self conscious about the mock neck that is all I felt like I could focus on. Turns out this dress was such a conversation starter for me that I made like 5 new connections in one night! Goes to show that how we think we look in a negative way is really not how it may be to the outside world. Step outside of your own head sometimes and you will see such a different side to your own self confidence. I know this is about a dress, but I feel like this moto can go towards a lot of different situations in your life whether it is work, relationships, health, etc. Who knew it could all start with a lil convo about mock neck dresses.

So in the spirit of my love for Who What Wear x Target here are some of my fall favorites from this years collection!



Women's Plus Size Long Sleeve Tie Neck Mini Dress - Who What Wear™ - image 1 of 3 Women's Plus Size Shirred Sleeve Dress - Who What Wear™ Olive - image 1 of 3 Women's Plus Size Long Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress - Who What Wear™ - image 1 of 3 Women's Plus Size Smocked Waist Dress - Who What Wear™ - image 1 of 3

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