A Journey of a Girl and a Bodysuit

Did anyone else read this title and feel that it is going to be pretty magical? Well, that is kind of what I am going for on this one. As you all may have read in past posts I try and do the ol buy one thing take one piece out to donate or to consign. This eases the build up of unnecessary items that I haven’t maybe worn in years, don’t fit anymore, and helps my closet feel nice and organized.

This year has flowwwwwn by so I have been off my game a bit with this little life hack. So last week I started to take an inventory of just a couple of the new pieces I have purchased this year and honestly it has not been many since my obsession with Rent the Runway has begun.

Anyways, I did a count of the pieces I have remembered purchasing at least within the past year to six months and then started to pull pieces that I did not even lay a hand on for that year. Well, then I came across this beautiful lace embellished maroon bodysuit from Eloquii. I vividly remember buying this to wear on my 30th birthday and of course I got in my own head thinking I would not be able to pull this off so I went with something safe. Ughhhhhh! Come on! What was I thinking! Entering a new decade should be all about going in with a bang and 30 has been pretty good to me so far.

Well, instead of adding it to the donate/consign pile I decided to incorporate it into my next blog post. Here ladies and gentlemen is the final product! I guess what was holding me back was that of course a bodysuit is basically tucked allll the way into jeans, slacks, skirt, etc. and my middle section felt super exposed. Once I got over this self-conscious moment I finally saw how many things in my closet I can pair it with! So if you have been thinking about jumping into the waters of bodysuits here is a few things to remember if you are hesitant:

  1. They actually are super flattering! Nothing worse than trying to tuck your top into your skirt and it looks all bunchy in the front or back. With bodysuits there is that smooth and seamless look without you having to worry it if comes untucked.
  2. It gives you that little bit of spice while still looking classy.
  3. Super versatile! This bodysuit is actually apiece of lingie from Eloquii, but without me telling you guys you probably would not have been able to tell.
  4. Can be worn with a majority of what you already own such as high waisted jeans, slacks, any style of skirt, shorts, etc.
  5. So many different styles to choose from that can fit what you are comfortable in. From super lacey to cotton there is such a selection out there to pick from.

Are you on this bodysuit trend?



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