Clash of the Patterns!


So the last time that I attempted a pattern clash was about 1990 when my mother gave me the independence to dress myself and let’s just say I was looking like an adorable hot mess, but nowadays pattern clashing can be a bit tricky. I am a firm believer in wear what makes you feel beautiful and let your creative side shine! So for those of you that want to hop on board this trend train here are 3 easy tips to remember:

1. Florals & Stripes & Everything Nice! This combo is great way to jump on this trend naturally with pieces that are most likely already in your wardrobe.  

2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! If you are just on the cusp of this trend then pick a bold pattern for your top or bottom and mix it with a bold purse or neck scarf.

3. Life is better with a lil leather!  If you are choosing to do floral on floral or stripes on stripes a great way to bring the look full circle can be with a leather jacket or blazer to wear to the workplace or for the after 5 club!

For all of my size XL and over size 12 gals out there I stopped into Zara for the first time this week and fell in love with their selection. They have amazing skirts that have a bit of a stretchy waistband and tops that have a bit of give. Accessories and shoes were totally reasonably priced as well.  I will definitely be back again!

Photo Cred- Just Janeeka Photography

Skirt, Zara, $50 | Top, Target, $40 | Purse, On Consignment,, $16 | Shoes, Nine West, under $50

Skirt, Zara, $50 | Top, Target, $40 | Purse, On Consignment,, $16 | Shoes, Nine West, under $50




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7901206427_1_1_1 Women's Button Back Tank - Who What Wear ™. Image 1 of 3.

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