Part 1- Office Ready with Michael Kors

I am sure you can tell by the title, yes this is a two part post! I know you are all bracing yourselves on the edge of your seat for what is to come for this look next week, but for now you will just need to hear me blab for part 1.

So I want to introduce you to my little friend he goes by the name of…Michael Kors.  Chic? Yes. Comfy? Yes. Confident? Yes. Affordable? Yes.  These basically would be my my responses if I had a one minute interview with Oprah about his line of clothing, a girl can dream! The look I am giving today is for an office ready combination with a black casual blazer and ankle wedges.  The one feature that I am obsessed with on this dress is the sinched center in the front.  It gives me a little bit more of that coverage to hide those pesky control top shorts lines that can sometimes show through on form fitting looks. I like to think if this dress could talk it would be saying, “peek a boo, can’t see this tummy beau!” Now I am thinking about that one commercial with the talking belly buttons, ok too far.

So here is the scoop, I got this dress last season from TJ Maxx for under $50 and the blazer for under $50 at Nordstrom Rack.  Since I am unable to give you guys the link to shop this look I am going to give you my suggestions on how to “recreate” this look. Scroll down to view and stay tuned for next week when I give this look a more casual twist!

Photo Cred: Just Janeekacath7


Target I $25.00

Target I $25.00

Belted Wrap Dress by Michael Kors Women's Sam & Libby Shae Quarter Strap Sandals Easy Blazer

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    September 19, 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Super cute look, great for work!

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