Cupcake Dress Anyone?

So a recent conversation with a friend of mine went as follows when I came out wearing the dress pictured below, “does this dress make me look like a not so great version of a cupcake or an adult Shirley Temple?”  To my surprise my friends response was, “ummm well that was randomn and girl that dress is fierce on you!” So from that response I knew I had to make this look into a post to share with you all.

So if you all can recall my excitement last week about the buy 1 get 3 free amazing sale at New York and Company this was look #2! Typically I am into the flowy, move when you twirl, kind of dresses, but the structure on this dress is on point!  With the large banded waist hits in the perfect place to accentuate those hips if you share a similar shape to me. The bottom half of the dress has more of a ribbed kind of texture, which hold its shape through the day.  I will say that with this kind of material is best for a spring event where is it a bit cooler than in the summer since this material holds a bit of weight to it. Accessories?  No need to overdue it when you have a textured skirt with bold colors, just simple earrings and a bracelet is all you need for a look similar to this.

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