Keepin it Casual…

While heading out for my weekend Whole Foods run where I make my usual goal of spending a certain amout, but in reality at the checkout line I spend a wholllllle lot more than I want to…see what I did there.  I feel like someday I may end up on intervention, the Whole Foods Edition.

When running out the door I wanted to share with you all my outfit of choice that doesn’t look like I literally wore my pajamas to the grocery store(tempting).  I went for the “keepin it casual” look.  You know the look where you want to look like your not trying, but come on that is hard!  So this was my attempt, trying to not try, but I tried…you get the picture!



Outfit deets are as follows: Flannel top is from Theo’s Vintage Shop.  Use promocode Catherine15 on their Mystery Flannel section of their website and you will get 15% off your order!  Top under the flannel is from Target for under $20 and layers perfectly!  Jeans are from the site Royalty For You which can be found on TJ Maxx or online!  The material is amazing with the feel of a yoga pant, but the look of the perfect jean fit!  Shoes are from Old Navy which were about under $30.  I wore these during my entire trip to Paris which consisted of ALOT of walking, but my feet stayed comfy and dry!  Also, the crossbody purse has a bit of a suede feel and was under $40 from Old Navy, which pairs perfect with any look!

“Stay casual San Diego” oh I am on a roll today!

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