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For those of you that are not fluent in French, nor know a squat about speaking any other langage like myself the title to this post is, “I would like to order”…feel free to bust out the Rosetta Stone at any time just to double check my attempt.  If you follow me on my social media pages I am sure you are in the loop about my recent trip to Paris last week!  Also, I am definitely sure you were like “if she posts one more photo of a baguette or a bottle of wine I am going to flip!”  Well, deep breathes in and deep breathes out…this is what my post is all about this week…food, food, and more food that I enjoyed while touring this amazing city!

I feel that wine in Paris can pretty much be paired at any time of the day with anything…yes I will admit I was sipping on a glass of rose before noon but I couldn’t help myself!  Luckily, we were in Paris at the perfect time for their release of their special edition wine, Beaujolais, that was only about 11 euros per bottle depending on where you went and paired perfectly with meats and cheeses!



No morning should start without a little time with my friend caffeine.  The perfect pick me up in Paris are the little Americano’s that you can purchase at the local cafes in our neighborhood of Marais.  At first glance I check out the size of the to go cup and it appeared as if it was something a polly pocket would drink from.  But, just one sip and I could already feel the jolt of caffeine so it was a great feeling to skip the grande!


Then of course you have to try the crepes, literally I think I got emotional after this mushroom and guyere cheese situation below.  For under 15 euro at this quaint place called Breizh Cafe has such a cozy feel the minute you walk in. For sure was 5 stars and a perfect way to start our busy day of exploring!



Lunches in Paris are the perfect combination of being able to grab a bite quickly if you are on the go, but still enjoy a fresh presentation! In many of the open air cafes you can just stop at the outdoor deli part with their displays of sandwhiches with fresh and hearty ingrediants on amazing little half baguettes. My personal favorite was below with fresh meats and cheeses and just a touch of avocado.


I will have to say my all time favorite part of Parisian life was how late they eat dinner and have drinks, but on the flip side of that this homegirl was hunnnnngry by 6 pm!  To solve this issue of getting hangry a lil bit to early we would just make a stop at the open air markets below our apartment and pick up a baguette, cheese, salami, pickles, and of course a bottle of rose and we were set! Usually this would total under 15 euro!




Who knew falafel would be so popular in Paris, but now I know why.  For dinner on one off our nights we stopped at L’As du Fallafel. When we came across this place it appeared at first to be a walk up only food stand that sold an array of schwarma, hummus, lamb, etc. but it also had a seating area inside!  This place was perfect for walking away with a full and satisifed tummy and the prices were reasonable, service was great too!



The combination of bread and melted cheese on anything makes my mouth water! So ordering the infamous Croque Madame pictured below is a must have if you are looking for a hearty no regret meal while you are in Paris.


The two photos below come from our “fancy night out” at Robert et Louise. The minute you walk into this restaurant you are immediatly immersed in the amazing vibe of sweet aromas coming from the corner kitchen with a brick oven roasting meats and people laughing and sipping wine while service staff are bustling around.  We sat in the downstairs area which was quite cozy as well with the perfect lighting for a relaxing meal.  First we started off with escargo and blood sausage.  Yes, blood sausage.  To my surprise it was not as bad as the name makes it seem! Then for our main course I had the duck confit, which was so savory and cooked to perfection with a side of roasted potatoes and salad.  Then for dessert we had an array of cheeses with a baquette.  Which I have learned is quite common to enjoy cheese as an after dinner dish in Europe!




Now of course the grand finale, macaroons!  Before traveling to Paris I had never even heard of a macaroon before. At first I thought it was some type of nut…clearly I was mistaken.  This is the type of dessert that I would consider “to pretty to eat” as I am sure you can agree per my photo below. If you make it to Champs Elysees you must make a stop at Laduree, which is the oldent macaroon and pastry shop in Paris.  The inside is dressed in fabulous antique decor that feels like it takes you back to the days of Marie Antoinette. Speaking of her, you must try the macaroon named after her, it was simply the best! Share with your favorite dishes of Paris!


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