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With chilly weather right around the corner, what is the first clothing item you think of?  Is it the loved and not so loved by some Ugg boots, scarves that wrap around your head 1,000 times, all fleece anything?  Well, what you should be thinking of is…flannel!  I mean let’s be honest, Heidi in Home Improvement was totally working that flannel.

I now want to introduce to you all, Theo’s Vintage Shop!  This online shop is owned my one of my former coworkers and friends, Thomas. His online shop has a unique collection of vintage tee’s, sweatshirts, and more from your fav vintage brands! The BEST part of his shop is their Mystery Flannel section of their website.  Now at first I was thinking like ok mystery, like SVU Law & Order style?  Alright, so I’ll admit it…I just got done binge watching an SVU Marathon…come on we have all been there.

Ok, back to Mystery Flannels and how to get your hands or arms I guess on yours.  Basically when you place your order for a Mystery Flannel you send Theo’s Vintage Shop a detailed description on what your perfect flannel would look like such as color, size, patterns, etc. Then Theo’s will ship you your customized flannel that you requested. They currently have a deal going on where you can get 2 Mystery Flannels for $19.95 and if you purchase two sets of flannels you will get one free!  Use promocode Catherine15 and you will also get a 15% off discount on any item…whew so much excitement!

So I am putting Theo’s Vintage Shop to the test and I am requesting the following flannel:

Size: Large

Color: Green, white, with blue accent

Description: Would like a lighter feeling material

Stay tuned for when I recieve my order with pictures to come. In the mean time order your Mystery Flannel now and share it with me on my social media pages and tag Theo’s Vintage Shop! You can order from the Theos Vintage Shop Website or Etsy Store and don’t forget to use promocode Catherine15!


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