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Summer Trends

  • Fashion

    The Year of the Romper

    So can we all agree there is nothing worse than trying to hop on the romper trend and when you find that perfect one online, you order it, open the pretty…

  • Fashion

    Oh this top? Yes, I got it for $5!

    A couple things about me 1. I love me a great sale 2. will always try out new trends 3. love making numbered lists so let’s dive in to this weeks…

  • Fashion

    Summer Trend Alert!

    When the word tassle comes to mind I think about a horse mane, then my mind takes me back to the first time that I attempted to ride a horse.  In…

  • Fashion

    Summer Trend Alert- Drop Waist!

    The trend this season is most definitely the drop waist!  You can see this look on tops, dresses, tunics, you name it.  First glance at a drop waist it almost appears…