The Year of the Romper

So can we all agree there is nothing worse than trying to hop on the romper trend and when you find that perfect one online, you order it, open the pretty box, put it on annnnnnnnd it fits like a pair of oshkosh overalls.  Totes looks cute on a todddler, but on a gal in her late twenties…ummmm no.  Well the great news is that I have found the perfect romper from New York and Co.! Bad news, is this look is from last years collection.  For me when trying on rompers they are usually to short, straps arent long enough, or I have an eternal wedgie.

The key for the perfect fit for a romper is all about the material.  Go with a light linen or cotton that has a bit of stretch in the right places. Also when trying on sizes I usually go up a size so that there is a bit of room for comfort in all the right places. For this look I love the pastels mixed with florals for a poolside look or throw a jean jacket on and you are weekend outing ready!

So this week I decided to do a romper challenge and head over to New York and Co. to see what kind of rompers are in season, stay tuned!

2016-06-20 15.24.56


2016-06-20 15.25.48


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