The Crop Top Saga Continues

So I have to take a second and call out…myself. Last year the trend of the crop top was reborn and I will have to admit I was on the hater train at first.  I always thought, “some girls can pull this look off, but oh lord not me!” Well, a metaphorical slap in face is due to me!  

How this post all came to inspiration started when I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago and came across a top that I thought was just a regular knit tank, but it was a crop top.  Just as I was about to put it back on the rack as quickly as a put down that cupcake over the holiday week I decided to pick it back up and give it a go! Let’s be honest I picked that cupcake back up too #trueConfessions

Before I looked up at the mirror in the dressing room I was ready for my immediate reaction to be “oh heckkkkk no!” To my surprise I had more of the thought of “hey girl heeeeeey!” Then I proceeded with a twirl and immediately headed to the cash register to purchase. This moment was not just about buying a new top, but the new found lil boost of self esteem I needed!  Realizing you do not need to be that girl saying, “other girls can wear that, not me!” be the other girl on the end of that comment…actually lets just get rid of that comment all together!

Also, this post is not meant for me to talk about the deal I got on this top, but I will have to admit these shorts from Target are a dream by the Who What Wear collection.  It is about wear what you want for you, not for the attention or approval of anyone else.  As in the words of my inspiration, Oprah, “YOU get a crop top, YOU get a crop top…everyone gets a crop toooopppppppp!” Now get out there and make the world your runway…in a crop top!

2016-07-06 21.54.27

2016-07-06 22.07.18

2016-07-06 21.57.12

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