Oh this top? Yes, I got it for $5!

A couple things about me 1. I love me a great sale 2. will always try out new trends 3. love making numbered lists so let’s dive in to this weeks post chatting all about number 1 & 2 with my recent trip to my favorite go to shopping place, Target! When popping over to the ladies section I always make a pit stop first at the sale rack.  Since Target has been really bringing it with their collaborations with other amazing brands also increases their sale selection with a great variety of sizes! So the top that I am featuring I found for $5! Yes…$5….cinco dollores…….yes 5! So not only was this sale on point I also dove into the open shoulder look.  My first concern with this trend, can I get a witness from my pale skinned followers out there, that if I wore this top to an outdoor brunch soaking up that Vitamin D will I be walking around with what appears like 2 pancake tanlines on my shoulders?  Sounds delicious, but this look will for sure need to be for certain occasions.  Not saying that you cannnot wear this top for daytime fun, but lather up that sunscreen babes! So what I love about this trend is when I go out to a restaurant or bar I am usually never a comfortable in between in terms of body temperature.  I am either purple in the lips unintentonally or sweating like I ran a half marathon, in a sleeping bag, in heels.  So just showing a little shoulder to get that air flow in and the long sleeve combo gives me the best of both worlds with fashion meeting functionality!

Do you like this trend for the summer? Comment below!


2016-06-20 15.27.59

2016-06-20 15.26.36


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