What to wear, what to wear…

Usually when I know I have events during the week/weekend I try to outfit plan in my head in prep for what is coming up. I feel like this casual thought process I have saves me from A. aggressively sweating trying to find something to wear B. trying everything on that I own and not having enough time to clean up so the clothing heads to what I like to call the “chairdrobe.” C. being extra extra late and showing up wearing leggings and a sweater since just nothing felt right on!

Well, this weekend I for sure felt all of the above. I went on a blind date, to an art gallery, and a girls night dinner and I didn’t do my usual mental outfit prep and I felt like my look was pretty, meh. Now I feel like this prep is important because I was thinking about “ugh these pants are tight, my shirt is wrinkled, do I even match?” rather than focusing on the company of the amazing people I was with! Sounds ridiculous I know, but it happens!

So if you guys remember I did a review of the clothing subscription box Stitch Fix and I absolutely loved it! Now I can solve these outfit planning woes next time by just using this subscription box and having their stylists do all of the work for me. So I did a round up from the Stitch Fix website of some of my favorite looks that they paired together.

You can try Stitchfix totally risk free to just give it a test run and see how you like it by using my link here! 

Would love to hear how you guys like it!



Photo Credit- Teanneal McNair



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