Time is FINALLY on my side with Jord Watches: Unique Timepieces for Valentine’s Day!

I look down at my wrist about 6 months ago at my watch and what do you know, it stopped working! Well, flash forward to now and I have jumped on the procrastination train in terms of getting it fixed. So yes I could totally take this situation as a watch is broken just fix it, but to be honest it had me starting to think on a larger scale on how sensitive time truly is. Sometimes I feel like I live my life always planning down to the last minute of each day, which I love, but I forget how important it is to live in the moment. Now I know that sounds like such a cliché line, but when was the last time that you took a moment to watch the birds fly around in the sky, feel the breeze on your face, or close your eyes and just listen to the world around you. Ok I know this sounds like some meditation video, but seriously!

So not only taking time to live in the moment, but being intentional about the future has been important as of late for me too. Well, funny thing was I was in the midst of jotting down my dream travel list and I got an e-mail from Jord Watches about a collaboration. I will say that timing is also a funny thing as well…time…watches…get it…ok moving on.

So after I chatted with the amazing folks at Jord I had my weekly call with my mom that same day telling her about my thoughts that I just shared with you all about how life is short and how I wish there was more hours in a day and she was totally on my same level. After I got off the phone with her I thought since it sounds like she is in the same boat that I am in how about I turn her day around and Jord Watches came to mind! Right then I decided for my collaboration with Jord that I would gift my mom one of their beautiful watches for Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s does feel a little bittersweet. It is my first Valentine’s Day flying solo in a while, but I still think it is important to celebrate this day with the people you love most even if they are not your significant other like your best friend, sister, aunt, etc.

To be honest my Mom is not much of an accessory let alone a watch kind of gal, but once I showed her these pieces she was ecstatic. This goes to show that these watches can be for anyone no matter their style. I selected the Frankie 35 Series Zebrawood & Champagne, which is pictured. The face and band width is the perfect size if you wanted to layer on bracelets or other accessories. Also, the feel of the watch is super light weight and is truly very well made. Jord also has watches for men with a variety of styles and price ranges too. Oh and best part you can personalize the watches on the back of the face with an engraved message, which gives the perfect bit of a personal touch.

I am really excited to also share with you all that you can enter to win a $100 gift code to use on the Jord Watches website! Just follow this link and fill out the information to enter. It is quick and super easy!

Just for entering you will receive a 10% off instant code that can be used towards your purchase even if you are not selected as the winner!


So, now it is time to put that 10% off to use and check out the amazing selection of men and women’s watches from Jord via the links below:

Women’s Shop

Men’s Shop

I have also rounded up a couple of my favorites that are under $200!

Women’s Watches


Men’s Watches



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and don’t forget to enter the giveaway that ends on February 11th!

If you are reading this…sorry if I ruined your surprise! Love ya!



Photo Credit- Tenneal McNair

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