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So I thought for countless upon countless hours about this…well ok it was actually in a matter of 30 seconds of me washing my face that I am going to start doing like a Friday wrap up for you guys every Wednesday. Psych! See what I did there I said Wednes…ok you get the point and we can get past the awful jokes, clearly it has been a long week. Basically, on Fridays (note that it is Saturday haha little late) I will give you guys a bit of a recap about my week. Now I can’t make promises, but these weekly recaps may just be me sharing all of the hilarious cat videos I found on Youtube during the week. I will try and control myself.

Well, I know I said a wrap up of the week, but I feel like I need to start with last Thursday and my randomn road trip with my sister to Richmond, VA for the Neko Case concert! My friend was supposed to come with me, but mother nature put her at a hault in NC, ughhhhhh so sad! Then my sister swooped in and saved the day by joining me on the one night excursion to see my favorite singer perform.  Seriously, if you do not know who Neko Case is she is seriously a folksy magical unicorn. The first time I heard of her was way back when in college when I was working at this little co-op and “my cool/hipster/everything I was not, but wanted to be like” co-worker played her on the loud speaker and explained her music as folksy dark perfect break up music. When I had a listen to her I totally agree, but she has some super upbeat tunes as well.

We stayed at the Quirk Hotel, which is seriously the cutest! My photos for real do not do justice. It is a dream world filled with pink walls, retro artwork galore, and the friendliest staff.


Then the weekend came and I stopped at Artist’s Proof in Georgetown with my girl Dani of Blonde in the District and we saw the beautiful work of John Stango, for real he is soooo talented! It was super refreshing to do something so different since I have not been to an art gallery in quite some time.


After I headed to a  girl’s night out at Bluejacket in DC. If you have not been there, you must check it out! It was a former factory and they transformed it into a brewery. The lighting and architecture style on the inside is super sweet. Pretty affordable and right next to the Nat’s stadium so perfect for game days and outdoor boozing on their patio.

My start to the week was pretty meh to be honest. I was just kind of having a pity part moment Monday and Tuesday and binge watched Shameless on Netflix. Productivity was at an all time low, but once Wednesday hit I felt like I recharged, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. I decided to make my sister dinner this week and I cooked up this Mexican casserole. OMG super easy and a whole lot of yummmmm! Here is the recipe from the site Savory Simple:

This Mexican Tortilla Casserole is an easy-to-prepare, vegetarian meal that's perfect for weeknight meals or a gathering of friends. You can easily add meat for a heartier dish! 


Thursday I headed to the launch at Heist of the Cava, Segura Viudas. To be honest I did not know what Cava actually was! Well, for all you at the edge of your seats it is a Spanish sparkling wine made in the same way as champagne. The Cava is super refreshing and the event was filled with balloons, amazing music, and a herb wall where you can pick a fresh herb and take it to the bartender and they will make you a yummy mixed drink! Ummm Pinterest goals? I think so.

Ok, wow this was really long! I would love to also make this a space where you share with me anything interesting you got into like trying a new restaurant, workout class, recipe, seriously even if you just took a life changing nap I want to hear about it! Have a great weekend babes!



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