The Perfect Last Minute Gift: Stitch Fix!

So I know that your inboxes and social media feeds have been filled with glorious gift guides for your loved ones. Believe me those have come in handy if you are like me and are laying around binge watching The Crown suddenly realizing, oh snap Christmas is this week, wait like in less than 7 days…gahhhhhhh!

To give you a visual interpretation just imagine me falling to the floor, going into fetal position, and just deciding to hibernate there till 2018. On the flip side this time of year is so fun and you want to make sure you are consuming yourself with the love and joy of your friends and family creating memories, those are truly the real gift. Alright…alright…enough with the sappy stuff, but seriously what are you going to get your best friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, or mother-in-law for Christmas so last minute? Welp babes I found it for ya, a Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription!

What is Stitch Fix you assssssk? Well, it is a clothing subscription that includes a virtual styling session with one of their stylists and they literally will ship directly the looks they put together for you! You only get charged for what you keep and you just send the rest back. So, now I know your thinking give me the scoop on what it really is like to do a clothing subscription box. Well, I did a test drive for you guys and I honestly can say that I am really impressed and the stylists were completely on point with sizing and style! So here is what to expect when jumping in to this subscription box service:

  • Super easy to sign up and if you register with this link you will have the $20 styling fee waived meaning that it is totally free to try it out, score!
  • After registering I was quickly connected with my personal stylist which sent me an intro e-mail and it felt very welcoming and friendly, can’t get enough of good customer service! Then I had to fill out a questionnaire basically sharing what styles I am drawn to and what my style goals were. Best part these questions did not take me forever to answer, which I loved since I was a bit short on time.
  • Then before I knew it my items were shipped to me very promptly and it really felt like Christmas! To start there was a guide to the pieces that were in the box and how to style them with looks that you may even already have in you existing closet, which is great for versatility and can be a cost savings in the long run.
  • I mean the packaging is so professional too. Each piece is perfectly folded, wrapped, and all neat.
  • The pieces they sent me were absolutely what I was looking for. I wanted a mix between every day wear and also pieces that had me step outside my comfort zone, but all could be worn together or separate. I received 5 pieces and the ankle boots were the only ones that did not fit, but they were right up my alley in terms of style.

The looks you see throughout this post was everything they sent me and I am literally wearing head to toe Stitch Fix except for the jewelry, shoes and purse.  So in terms of gifting this to someone you are able to purchase a gift card for them that will go towards the pieces in their box, click here for more info on that. If you guys have any more questions on my experience, let me know! Happy Holidays!



Photo Credit: Tenneal McNair

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