A twist on my New Year’s Resolution!

Yup we have all seen it…the New Years Resolutions lists. I mean it is everywhere we look whether it is discounts on gym memberships, new diet plants for how to lose 20 lbs in 20 days, and other how to’s on transforming yourself into the perfect you. Well, I am farrrrrrr from perfection and to be honest with you I am one of those types that makes a rule for myself and then I immediately break it…I guess you could call me a life renegade? Actually, probably not…I am not that cool. So I wanted to put a bit of a twist to the typical News Year’s Resolutions and not share what I will be doing for the next year, but what I have done this year that I feel has helped me grow!

  • This year I experienced quite a lot of heartache with the passing of my father and a long-term relationship coming to an end. When faced with these two extremely emotional situations it really taught me how strong one can be when you feel like you are really backed into a corner. Learning to just feel…cry, laugh hysterically, sob, scream, dance around like no one is watching and just letting it all out has helped in my healing process. Sometimes everything does not have to be fine, but eventually you know it will be. The sun will always rise tomorrow.
  • Living in the moment. No joke we were the family that always discussed what our day was going to look like, what we were going to eat, what plans we had for the weekend…we are planners. This personal trait of mine is a positive in many ways, but can have its moments where it becomes stressful not having a game plan. I thought my life was going to go one way, but it COMPLETELY went another way. Lately I have learned just to ride with the waves instead of trying to steer this ship…living and breathing in this moment. It has actually been challenging, but taking a breath, feeling the sun on your face, and taking the blinders off sometimes has been so important.
  • What I am eating. Yes, I have fallen victim to the mindless eating habits and man does it take a toll on my overall mood! I have really started to try and become more conscious on what I am consuming because I do believe it has a connection to my bits of anxiety that I feel sometimes. Cutting back on the coffee, gluten, and dairy this year…it has been an interesting journey that I hope that I can stick to.
  • Getting out of my comfort zone. Now I know I can come off as very outgoing, but get me into a room with strangers and I need to “network”  and ughhh que the feeling of when you are at the 6th grade dance and the slow songs come on and you have no one to dance with. I had this same feeling when I walked into my first Bubbles & Bloggers Brunch, but that feeling immediately went away since everyone was so warm, welcoming, fashionable, and creative. Flash to the present and I am super thankful I got out of my shell and connected with these women that I can now call friends.

Now enough about me, what have you done this year that you are proud of! Share them with me in the comments!

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    Kit Stanwood
    December 22, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Sooooooo glad I met you at bloggers and brunch!!! I had the same feeling walking through the door and was relived that everyone was super welcoming and friendly! Even more excited to hangout soon and do a photoshoot together ASAP hehe. Happy holidays love!!

    • Reply
      December 22, 2017 at 6:06 pm

      I am so happy we connected too! Happy new year girl!

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