Layering up with Ellos!

Hey guys! How is your week going? Do you need a hug, a cookie, a nap? Well, I guess for me I have been feeling all these kind of feelings because it has been like 3 degrees out, yikes. It is so funny growing up in the Midwest and this kind of weather felt like the norm before moving to DC and I am complaining when it is like 30 degrees…come on girl, get it together.

Ok, well now that we have gotten past our daily weather discussion lets chat about the fun stuff…sandwiches! Just kidding, I think I said that because my tummy is a rumblin. Since you are defrosting and making plans on being out and about this week/weekend, what you are going to wear? Well, I was totally inspired by this post from my friend Roxanne of Glass of Glam.  In her latest post she was chatting about how a vest is the perfect third piece to any outfit and how it can really bring a look together that is missing that certain something.  Then it made me really think about how true that really is!

Well, clearly in my pics I am not wearing a vest, but I totally feel like adding a jacket is in this same category. Now when I say jacket I do not mean parkas that are meant for battling the outdoors, but jackets that are perfect for layering and keeping on indoors. Just like this sequin number that is from Ellos! Now I know many of you may think that sequins are only for special occasions, but I feel like when styled a certain way can be worn from day to night.  I kept it simple and just paired all black for more of an evening look, but for a day vibe you can easily pair this look with a white tee, distressed jeans, and ankle boots. For more of a glam vibe you can pair a simple slip dress as well with this jacket.

So here is a round up of other jackets that you can totally do the same type of style with. Which one is your favorite? Also, should I have turkey or ham on my sandwich? (kidding on that last one…kind of)


Reversible Bomber Jacket Faux Leather Moto Jacket Stevie Embellished Jacket City Cape Sequin Bolero Jacket




Photo Credit Reisepeace Portraits 

*This post is sponsored but opinions and selections are all my own

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