Mega Babe Thigh Rescue for the Win!

Ok my loyal followers if you recall back in October I chatted with you guys about how the struggle is sooooo real when it comes to thigh chafing. I am sure we could all share stories of when chafing happens at its worst like in the midst of a 5k, or that day at the amusement park and it is 100 degrees, or that first date and you went with the choice to not where control top shorts.

Well, for those that want to exchange these hilarious stories a coffee date may be in our future. So just in case you missed my post I was putting Mega Babe Thigh Rescue created by the hilarious and oh so fashionable Kate Sturino of the 12ish Style to the test. If you want to read this post follow this link.

Basically, I tested Mega Babe against the usual go-to products I use to battle the chafe such as Vaseline, baby powder, and deoderant just as examples. So the reason why the results took so long for me to share with you guys is because the weather actually started to get cold pretty quickly so it was hard to test it out since I usually get the chafe chafe when I wear dresses or shorts. Well, finally we have had a break in this cold weather and I had a week full of events where I was wearing dresses luckily without tights.

So what was great about Mega Babe is that I only had to apply it once! No joke, I usually would have to pack a mini stick of deoderant or vaseline to reapply half way through the day. I brought the Mega Babe in my bag as a just in case, but it totally was not needed! Well, since the weather is cooler this thigh rescue may be best for mainly in summer, but I actually saw on Kate’s Instagram stories that she also uses it on her cracked heels as well…seriously genius! From my own experience I totally recommend this product and it is for sure my new go-to. If you guys want to learn more about this product visit Kates website! Have any of you guys used her products?



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