Finding Your Inner Fashion Diva

Anyone else still daydream? I thought that was something that faded away after you find out Santa Claus isn’t real, but apparently it follows you into the ripe old age of 29! The other day I found myself on my lunch break eating a salad wishing it was a giant slice of pizza and I started thinking about my own personal style.

Photo Credit- Windy City Wardrobe

Now I would consider my style pretty versatile, but my comfort zone is more on the boho chic side. Lots of florals, flowy dresses, and bold earrings are my go-to comfort pieces. I picture my own personal style of a happy hippy babe spinning in circles in a daisy field with the song Peace Train by Cat Stevens playing in the background. Then cut to a high speed motorcycle quickly approaching on the road with Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin blasting and a girl with a  leather jacket and boots pulls up and whips off her helmet with her hair blowing in the wind looking like the coolest chick you have ever seen. Well, friends that was basically the inspiration for this post.  I parted ways for just a bit with my the flower power gal and traded it in for a motorcycle mama.

So the reason why I share this daydream story with you is that sometimes you need to tune into that inner fashion diva that is wanting to emerge! Of course, I believe that there is a time and place for certain styles, but why not give it a try.  Yes, believe me it will feel scary, but at the end of the day isn’t that what life is all about? Stepping outside your comfort zone to find new and fierce things about yourself that you didn’t know were hiding? Yes, this is clothing, but you never know what emotions it may tap into that can give you that little bit of a confidence boost you need sometimes.

As you start to explore who that inner fashion diva is and how to create that look, I have given you a start. For myself my start was with this amazing faux leather moto jacket from Ellos and it is under $100! Here are some dreamy characters that I created and how you can start these looks with Ellos:

Vogue Fashion Editor

Faux Fur Snap Front CoatGlitter Knit Jumpsuit Lace-Up Velvet Pump


California Surfer Babe

Joni Dress Classic Jean Jacket Faux Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals

Globe Trotter

Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans Hooded Sequin Shoulder Trim Twill AnorakZip Suede Hobo Handbag



Skinny Leather Pants Sequin Bolero Jacket Chelsea Bootie


Hollywood Actress on the Red Carpet

Long Lace Bodice Dress Ankle Strap Pumps  Gold Sequin Handbag


Who is your inner fashion diva? Share them with me!

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