How to clear the clutter…in your head!

When was the last time you cleaned and organized the clutter not in your closet…but your head? This is a question I posed on myself the other day as I was having a bit of a moment of anxiety thinking about what if I didn’t move, take that job, start this blog. How would my life be…better, worse, same, and blah blah blah.

Anyone else think about this kind of crap wide awake at 3 am?! Then these thoughts leave me feeling tired and cranky the next day due to the hamster wheel turning in my brain.  So I wanted to share with you guys how I have started to try and turn these worries and thoughts into positive actions with just a few tips:

  1. Write it down. It does not have to be in a pretty word doc or stylish notepad. Find a pen and anything to write on. I mean hell I have done this on a bar napkin once! Instead of jotting down what is wrong, jot down what is right. Such as a steady income, your health, or love of friends and family.
  2. Read inspirational stories.  This helps me to get out of my own head. I will literally Google or Youtube inspirational stories and just see what comes up! Most of the time it will bring a smile to your face! My latest favorite is REI Presents: The Mirnavator
  3. Motivational Podcasts. When I feel like I am in a creative slump instead of sitting on Instagram comparing myself to others I throw on my tennis shoes, plug in the headphones, and go for a walk/run and listen to a podcast. Now my go-to is, GirlBoss Radio, but it can be spiritual or just simple story telling. This is great for both your physical and mental health!
  4.  Call a friend. Now at times I need to beware of this one because I almost unload too much of my stress on my loved ones, which in turn can stress them out! On the flip side just calling a friend to just chat about funny memories or the future can help.
  5. Just breathe. Count to 10. Pretty self explanatory.

As you all know everyone is different and these tips are just what have worked for me personally and I hope it can help you too! What do you do to get centered? Share them with me!

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