Ellos Recap!

You know those times when you open Instagram see a post for a split second then the feed refreshes and the photo is gone and then you start the process of aggressively scrolling to find that cute dress that blogger was wearing. Show of hands of who has experienced this at 2 AM when you should be sleeping, but then you know…Instagram. Alas, it is now lost in the interwebs until eventually you come across it 4 days later when you are trying to find an outfit for the 3,008 weddings, 245 baby showers, 161 Bachelorrette parties, you have to attend this year.

Well, I wanted to take the heavy lifting out of you all having to scroll and try to remember where I get some of my looks like that magical floral blazer, or the multi print fit and flare dress, oh and can’t forget that summer vibing shift dress from Ellos! If you do not know who Ellos is then you need to get on the Ellos trend train, choo choo! They are a Swedish brand that has made its way to the United States carrying amazing looks in 10+!

Stay tuned for the next couple of weeks because I have a whole lot more to share from this amazing brand that I am collaborating with as we creep into fall and when I say creep I mean realllllly slow, yes like a slug since it has been so dang hot in the DC metro! Keep scrolling to shop my looks!

Shop these looks:

 Bali Hanky Hem Dress


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