How I let go of “that dress.”

If you saw my post last week on my social media accounts I mentioned how I was interviewed by one of my favorite podcasts, The Midweek Muscle! It was truly an amazing experience and I feel that I do not share much of my personal life such as love and loss on my blog.  Well, if you wanted to see a different side to my life then you definitely should tune in. The host, Jonelle, gets real about how life can throw you curve balls and how to overcome them! After I had a listen to the podcast I felt like I needed to post about how I had to let go of “that dress.”

It seriously amazes me when I am in the process of cleaning out a closet with a client and as we go through the yes keep, no donate, and the consign pile many of my clients can literally tell a story behind each item of clothing.  Like that dress they wore to their best friends birthday 10 years ago or the European vacation they took 15 years ago.  Honestly, I find storytelling behind clothing very interesting and I love hearing these tales of adventure behind each piece. Alas, in reality most likely my client has not worn that dress for 10-15 years or even knew she still had it in the back of her closet. This can make it all the much harder to let it go since it brings back good memories and bad at times too.  Well, I am a firm believe in practicing what you preach so I wanted to share with you all a sentimental piece of clothing that I just recently let go.

Meet “that dress” and here is her story.

Pedro Blanco Photography

I wore this dress in one of my last photos I posted on Instagram before my Dad passed away about 4 months ago.  I absolutely held this dress very close to my heart since it felt like a moment captured before my life completely was turned upside down after losing someone who was not only my Dad, but my best friend.

So as I always do for my closet and recommended for my clients when you bring a new piece of clothing into your closet you must remove one to either consign or donate.  Well, as I navigated through my closet on who was next to part ways with me I picked up this red dress.  AlI of a sudden I was getting wrapped up in memories of how life was before my Dad passed and how I wanted to go back in time.  That is when it clicked for me.

Holding on to this red dress was not going to take me back in time, but I am blessed to have so many wonderful memories with my Dad and my family.  So this time I kept the memories and decided to consign the dress.  Luckily, it went to a woman who absolutely adored the dress and stated to me how lovely she felt in it, which I knew that this was the right thing to do.

I challenge you all this week to go through your closet and find those pieces that you may be holding onto for emotion reasons.  Take a photo of it, print it, put it in a journal, and write down the memory you have of the piece and do not leave out one detail.  Then take the next step of parting ways.  Do not get me wrong, it is not easy, but you can do it!

To listen to my interview follow this link!


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