Shoe Obsession from Current Boutique!

It is so sad to admit that a month from now I will have to part ways with my other half…my open toe shoe collection.  I mean they take me out to dinner, movies, the beach, basically I could boil it down to that I am basically dating my shoes. Ok, when I say that out loud it sounds very sad, but you get what I mean! Unfortunately I am always picking up the bill for them. You know…buying each pair (insert awkward pity laugh) OK moving away from the bad jokes!

So I wanted to share with you guys the perfect pair that you will not have to part ways with so soon from Current Boutique. Keeping in mind that when the weather starts to transition shoes that are closed toe, but still have exposed detail on them are perfect for Spring, Summer, and even Fall if it is not too cold! For those of you that could brave it in winter I salute you, but I do not advise it.

I snagged these Kurt Geiger’s for under $100 at my favorite consignment shop, Current Boutique! They have an amazing selection of budget friendly options to designer pieces for a fraction of the price. See below my top 3 favorite close toed espadrille picks you can shop now online on the Current Boutique website for under $100!


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