“Ugh, please don’t tag me in that!”

So the title of this post may give it away.  We can all agree that these words have come out of our mouths at some point after a photo of yourself individually or with a group is taken. Your eyes immediately dart to yourself in the photo and your reaction is, “Oh ugh I look horrible, do not post this!” In reality did you look bad…no! Well, I am going to have to play captain call out on this body positive blogger. She has two thumbs and goes by the name of Catherine (insert awkward pointy thumbs at self).  Those exact words came out of my mouth during my most recent photo shoot. See the specific photo I am ranting about below.

My immediate reaction to this photo was “Look at my stomach hanging out, delete delete!” Now, when I received these photos from my amazing photographer I came across this photo again.  I wanted to immediately keep aggressively scrolling, but I decided to stop on it.  For as long as I have been blogging I have been preaching about body positivity and loving yourself and here I am literally hating this photo.  The girl inside me hopped out of her chair and slapped me in the face saying “get it together!”

So I write this post just to give you all a bit of realness on the behind the scenes of how I see myself sometimes too! We all have our good days and bad days, but I always remember to live in the now. Life is so so sooooo precious and instead of dwelling on how my tummy tum looked I switched my gears to think how lucky I am to be able to express my creativity through style, be able to work with the amazing brands, also blessed to be surrounded by the loving and supportive people in my life!

Now when you start to feel this way about the latest Instagram post your girlfriend posted and you are not too fond of how you look switch those mental gears to think about that moment, how much fun you may have been having, and how lucky you are to have friends that love you!

What will also make you feel super fabulous is this Ellos tie waisted skirt! It has the look of a pencil skirt, but the feel of pajamas.  Yes, groundbreaking I know! Pairs perfect with a crop top like I have pictured or even just a basic tee and tennis shoes for a more sporty look.  Follow this link to shop it!

Ok people, now let’s not be too hard on ourselves the rest of this week…you are beautiful!

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