CurvyCon Here I Come!

So for some of you that know me personally I feel like all that I have been blabbing about is that I am going to CurvyCon this year! Well, when I say CurvyCon I have been getting some looks like, “That sounds amazing! Wait, but what is that??” So my friends I wanted to give you the scoop on what CurvyCon is all about!

When I first started blogging I literally googled top 20 curvy fashion bloggers to follow and Chastity Garner of Garner Style & Cece Olisa of Plus Size Princess are two of the many gals that popped up and I immediately hit that follow button and have looked up to these fabulous women ever since. Also, they are the creators of CurvyCon!

In a nutshell CurvyCon is about bringing bloggers, youtubers, brands, entrepreneurs, and many more together in a welcoming space to talk all things fashion and body positivity, which is literally my liiiiiiiife! (insert praisehands).  I am excited for literally everything about this event, but I am really looking forward to hearing the panelists of bloggers that I have been following forever like Tanesha Awasthi: Girl With Curves, Gabi Gregg:, Nicolette Mason:, Callie Thorpe: and many many many more! This will be my first year attending so make sure you follow me along on this awesome adventure in the fabulous NYC on my Instagram stories. Of course I will be doing a recap on the blog after the event, but you will have to stay tuned!

Are YOU going to CurvyCon?

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