The Must have Dress from Target!

As you all know I love a dress that can transition from summer to fall flawlessly and the Ava & Viv collection at Target does exactly that! So here are my top 3 reasons why this dress is a must have for any wardrobe, any body type, and any style!

1.  To belt or not to belt…it’s up to you!

Dress can be worn two ways with the jean belt that comes with the dress, without for a shif relaxed style, or pair with another skinny belt that is a bold color such as a red or mint!


2. Looking sweet in the summer and cozy in the fall

Great transition piece that can be worn in the summer like I have featured in the photos below or can be worn in the fall with ankle boots and a military style jacket or light cardigan. The material on this look is light enough so that you are not sweating like a glass of sweet tea and can be layered for the cooler months and still feel comfortable!


3.  For that before 5 crowd and after 5 too!

Can be worn as a day look for brunch with simple sandle flats or can be spiced up for that after 5 life with a pleather jacket and mule heels! Also, this look can be appropriate for all occasions.  With the full coverge in the chest area, but a little slit to spice it up, but not to spicy…like a mild pico de galo, my favorite!



Shop this amazing look now, follow the link! Ok, now that I have tacos on the mind (cue stomach rumble) until next time keep dreaming babes!

Photo cred: Lisa Kays Photography


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