Building Confidence…One Spandex Short at a Time

When wearing spandex comes to mind I tend to think of extreme road bikers, volleyball players, professional dancers, that can rock the heck out of a pair of tight ol shorts! Well, hey! What about us  girls who get a little winded after riding up a slight incline on a bike from Wal Mart, or who can’t serve a volleyball to save her life, and dances to her own beat…when I say girls…let’s be honest I am talking about me, but I am sure some of you can relate!

So last week my boyfriend and I took a little escape out of the city to West Virginia to go river tubing. Let me just say whoever invented rivertubing I would like to chest bump and do a jumping high five with. For the possibly two people on earth that don’t know what rivertubing is and believe me I was clueless is literally you are in a tube, on a river, sipping a brew, in a bathing suit, in the sun, living the dream, yes please! So when thinking of river attire my mind does not go to the new Ava & Viv bathing suit that I just purchased.  For this excursion I chose to do more of a athletic one piece and a pair of spandex shorts!  So this post is really not mainly to chat about “what matches best with river trout” it is really about the deeper meaning to these spandex shorts.

I have to confess when rolling up into one of the grocery stores with my spandex shorts on and a tank it felt a bit liberating!  No I do not have a size 6 waist, and my legs are each probably the size of a honey ham, and no there is no “thigh gap”! At first I thought about how I should change into another pair of shorts until we hit the water, but then I stopped and thought, wait who cares! I felt good in them! So ladies the next time you go for that run, hop on that bike, hit up that beach and you want to rock those spandex shorts…do it, work it, love it…you look fabulous! Find this look at Target and see details below!



2016-07-21 22.28.04

Top, Target, under $20 I Shorts, Target, under $30

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