Gimmie that shoulder girl!

Is it so wrong to feel like Jessie Spano or the chacha lady emoji when wearing an off the shoulder top, or is it sooooo right? So excited to highlight with you guys this week on my new obsession with this trend!  As the summer winds down I wanted to make sure I give you guys a double dose of a look that has hit the racks of New York & Co. this season!  If you would have asked me to wear anything off the shoulder I would have been like, “ohhhh ummmm no, my shoulders are in ‘hulk’ mode.”  Even though I can barely even care my laundry basket up the stairs I am no where near hulk strong.  Well since I jumped on the body postitivity train I just had to put my insecurities aside and get on this trend.  Well clearly this trend is a winner since I bought two of this look!  The key to this trend is making sure you are selecting a top with extra stretch in the upper section around the shoulders or else before you know it looks like you are wearing a turtle neck in the 90 degree heat!  The off the shoulder look can also be a great transitional piece from the office to happy hour! Just throw on a blazer over these tops and then take it off for that after 5 gang and you are set to party! #chachaLadyForLife

Photo Cred: Lisa Kays Photography


Top, under $30, New York & Co. I Shorts, under $30, New York & Co.

Top, under $30, New York & Co. I Shorts, under $30, New York & Co. I Shoes, TJ Maxx, under $40





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    August 2, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Hey – I think you look fabulous with this look – no hulk about ya! Keep up the great work and I truly enjoy reading these each time you post.

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