Finally Fall!

Anyone else been lately experiencing the feeling of what I like to call “Forcing Fall?” What I mean by this is when September 1st hits we have put our rompers and bikini tops away and have changed our closets to be full of cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots galore. Also, forget about iced coffees…bring on the pumpkin spice lattes! Well, if you experienced anything like how the weather was in the DMV it was literally in the 90’s till like last week. Which on a global perspective concerns the heck out of me that is it this warm in the midst of fall. To give you a proper visual imagine me in jeans, casual sweater, cargo jacket, and knee high boots with warm cider in hand SWEATING as I wander through a pumpkin patch. Smiling and having a ball on the outside, but on the inside feeling like I am literally melting from the heat.

Now that we are in the middle of October the weather has started to shift to its regularly scheduled programming, which I am sure many of you are literally jumping for joy, but be careful when jumping with boots on, that is a rolled ankle waiting to happen!

So to kick off the fall festivities why not celebrate with this stunning multi colored floral gem of a dress from Navabi! Perfect for this transitioning weather which as you note I had ankle strap heels on since at the time of this photoshoot it was 85 degrees!

Also, picture this look with knee high brown leather boots…can you see it?! Yes, so good! Now this is not your traditional tie waisted dress. This dress has the ties on the side and ties in the front to give you amazing shape. One night out I actually unbuttoned the bottom part of the dress and tied it in a knot to wear it as a top with dark skinny jeans and ankle boot heels! Yassssssss for versatile pieces, am I riiiiight?!

Not only this look, but there are tons of cute pieces from the Annalisa Collection from Navabi that I am swooning over, see below and shop my look by clicking this link!



Photo Credit- Sarah Marcella Creative

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