Introducing the Fashun Chronicles Podcast!

For those of you that saw my recent Instagram post you may have checked your calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s day…alas this is the truth…I am launching a podcast!!!!! If you thought my writing on here can get awkward, well then you are in for a treat when you tune into the podcast for a pleathera of unscripted content because let’s be honest my planning skills are pretty sub par these days.

What will this podcast be about you ask? Don’t worry it will not be a mix of episodes discussing my favorite kind of sandwiches and about my days dressing up as a giant frappacino off of I 65 back in good ol Indiana encouraging drivers to take a detour and get their caffeine fix at their friendly local Caribou Coffee…well now that I think about it…maybe we will chat about that!

On a real note, as you all have followed me along on this blogging journey you already know that fashion has always been a part of my life! Even through the emotional parts of lack of sizing options and role models to look up to that were above a size 12, I still felt like I could express my creativity through an outfit. To be honest with you, through my early 20’s it would have been great to have that go-to resource to get real down to earth fashion advice. Whether it was how to dress for my first interview, brands that offer above size 12 options that are actually unique and stylish, or how to build a wardrobe while still staying in my budget.

That is where the “AH HA” moment came to me in New York when I was with my favorite gals Arielle Lewis, Photography extraordinaire, and blogger babe, Dani of Blonde in the District. We were sitting at Brass Monkey endulging in fries, mozzarella sticks, and champagne (classy combo I know). I was dishing about how I was feeling like I am in a creative slump. Then after dishing back and forth for a bit Arielle and Dani were like why don’t you start a podcast! For a hot minute I was like, ummm I don’t even know how to spell podcast (is it one or two words?!) let alone host one, but then again I loveeeee to talk. My family on the other hand may see this as an annoyance rather than a blessing growing up.

Now fashion should never be taken too seriously so that is why I named the podcast Fashun Chronicles, if you do not know what I am referencing take a peek at my highlights soon and you will see what the heck I am talking about.

Now I will cover a range of topic areas in fashion, but the part I am most excited about involves YOU! Dial into the Fashun Chronicles hotline and share with me your fashion emergency questions. For example you may be transitioning to a new job and the office is more casual than you are used to or vice versa or maybe you are just getting back out into the dating scene after a break up and you need advice on what to wear, let me be your fashion BFF!

So to dial in, listen to my second episode and I am sharing the number there where you can leave a message. I am still waiting for approval on Itunes so tune into my Instagram @fashunchronicles_ and I will let you know there when it is availabke! If the phone thing is not your thing, that’s ok! Send me an email at contactme@fashunchronicles.com or a direct message on Instagram.

Thank you everyone for your unbelievable support I love you all and see you on the podcast, stay fashionable darlings!



Photo Credit- Arielle Lewis Photography

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